What We Do

Homebirth Information Evenings

Canterbury Homebirth Association are running monthly information evenings for prospective home birthers.  This is a great opportunity to meet and talk to a home birth couple, and a home birth midwife about any questions or concerns you or your partner or family might have. You can find details of our next Information Evening on our Calendar page, or on our Facebook page.

Antenatal and Parenting Classes

Home Birth Focus is a workshop facilitated by a home birth midwife and a consumer facilitator (a woman who has experience of home birth).  The workshop is focused on active birth, where a labouring woman is free to move around and adopt the position that best suits her needs at any moment. This workshop is specifically designed for women planning a home birth and women, their partners and/or other support people are welcome.  Visit their website…

Facebook Community

Become a fan and help spread the word about our Association and home birth to all your Facebook friends. Our Facebook page is a great way to stay in touch, organise antenatal get-togethers and more. Visit the Facebook page…

We also have a closed Facebook group you can join and share and ask questions in a more private space. Join our group here..


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Home Birth Hampers

Canterbury Home Birth Association is proud to offer a new issue of our popular Home Birth Hampers for families who have a home birth philosophy and plan to birth at home. Read more…

Birth Pool

The Association has two birth pools and pumps which are available to hire. You can also purchase individual pool liners. Read more…

List of Home Birth Midwives

We provide a listing of midwives who support clients birthing at home to assist women looking for a suitable midwife. The midwives listed on this page are current members of Home Birth Canterbury. Read more…


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