Milk Donation

A Beginner’s Guide to Human Milk Banking

While it is ideal that a mother breast feeds her own baby for as long as possible, there are instances where an alternative source of human breast milk is required and this need can be met by a Donor Human Milk Bank. New Zealand continues to lag behind contemporary countries with a lack of active milk banks.

Lactation after Loss

Continued lactation for a mother who has lost a baby to stillbirth or early infant death may not be the right choice for everyone. Certainly there are circumstances where the mother is just trying to cope with what has happened and would not be able to pump and donate her breastmilk. However, it should be presented as an option for any woman who is going to go home with empty arms, a broken heart, and full breasts. Human milk is a precious commodity that brings health and life to so many babies and can only be made after our bodies have gone through the rigors of pregnancy and labor.