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Home Birth Canterbury is providing this information to assist women looking for a midwife that offers home birth. We recommend that you also read this article when choosing a home birth midwife.

The midwifery groups and individual midwives listed on this page are current members of Home Birth Canterbury. However the Association does not provide any endorsement of midwives by being listed on this page.

Midwives, if you wish to be listed on this page, please complete our online form.

Listings are in alphabetical order.


Birth Journey Midwifery Care

We are a group of Christchurch midwives and our belief is that childbirth is a normal family life event and are committed to providing you with individually planned care that strongly supports birth as a natural process. We look forward to supporting you through your pregnancy, labour and birth and postnatal period.


Jackie Coursey 021 150 6654
Johanna Clark 022 380 8331
Birth Rite Midwives

We have always had a strong focus and commitment to working with women under 20 years old. Watching young women take up the challenge to become healthy, strong mothers is one reason we love our jobs. We strongly believe that age does not make a mother and that every woman deserves the same respect and choice for their birth journey. This does not mean that we only look after women in this age group however, as we enjoy meeting women and whanau from all walks of life.


Kate Nicoll 027 283 2312

Christchurch City Midwives

We provide maternity care to women and families from all cultural backgrounds. Our focus is on giving you the evidence and ability to make informed choices about your pregnancy.


Becky Bangma 021 062 7600

For more information you can visit the Christchurch City Midwives website.


Christchurch Homebirth Midwives

We work in partnership with women and their families and believe pregnancy and birth are normal life processes. We support women who plan to birth at home and provide care to meet their individual needs. Continuity of midwifery care is an essential part of our philosophy.


Juliet Thorpe 942 5225
Jacqui Anderson  027 687 0389
Violet Clapham  021 39 34 39 or email
Gwen Glazzard  021 0221 5006

Members of New Zealand College of Midwives.

For more information you can visit the Christchurch Homebirth Midwives website.

Danu Midwives

We feel privileged to share in the journey of women’s childbirth experiences; and believe pregnancy and childbirth to be normal life events. For healthy women experiencing healthy pregnancies we believe that primary units or home are the safest places to birth.

Danu Midwives care about the safety of women and their babies and understand that at times specialist referrals or transfer during labour are required. We also believe that sharing information enables women to make the right choices for her and her family and pride ourselves with being up to date with current evidence and research.

Just as we are supportive of women and their famililes, we too are supportive of each other, and provide backup midwifery care as necessary.


Gretchen Mornin 021 135 1887 email
Jodi Borren 027 479 2759 email
Lynda Robertson 021 140 1587 email
Amy Plaisted 027 863 2952 email

For more information please go to the Danu Midwives website.

Garden City Midwives

Garden City Midwives has evolved from Matricaria Midwives. We encourage women to birth wherever they feel most comfortable as this will help them to have to most rewarding experience. We understand home is ideal for most women but sometimes complications arise and hospital is the right place to be. If this is the case then we bring the homebirth philosophy to the hospital as much as possible and women can continue to make their own decisions.


Molly Jakovickas 386 2247
Ganka Ianev 027 451 0008 or email
Sylvia Stewart 021 181 0478

For more information please go to the Garden City Midwives website.


Hakatere Midwives


Michelle Dolan-Scott 027 282 2748
Biddy Sheehan 0274 131 298
Rachel Davies 027 388 4101

Halswell Village Midwives

Halswell Village Midwives are a team of midwives providing full antenatal, birth and postnatal care. We provide care for women from Christchurch, Selwyn and Banks Peninsula.  


Jessica Skinner 027 292 0148
Tania Rountree 027 442 3422

Home & Waterbirth Midwives

Nurturing the natural process of the childbearing miracle within a safe & gentle environment.

We feel that every woman and family should be able to experience the birth of their child in a safe and loving environment; wherever that may be for them. We provide your family with holistic, individualized care, backed by theoretical knowledge, clinical skills, and an inherent trust in the birthing process. Working in partnership with women helps protect the normal process of birth. We value your knowledge of your body.

We believe homebirth is a safe and beautiful way to birth and we have over 40 years combined experience attending homebirths. It is an honour and privilege to participate with women and their families in the powerful journey through pregnancy and birth.


Joanne Gordon  027 507 6000 or email
Heff Heffernan  022 061 6053
Cree Thomson  027 826 9191
Elodie Barbut 022 411 9819


Integrity Midwives

Integrity Midwives work in partnership with the woman and her family/whanau throughout her antenatal care, birth experience and the early weeks at home with her new baby.  For more information please visit the Integrity Midwives website


Josephine Susan 022 567 8726


Midwifery Associates

Birth is a normal life event, we work closely with the woman and her family. We aim to deliver care in a manner that is flexible, creative, empowering and supportive. Please visit the Midwifery Associates website for more information.


Helen Fraser 027 441 0540
Anne O’Connor 029 981 5940

Otautahi Midwives

Women who have birthed at home will often say there is no greater feeling than hopping into your own bed after having your baby. Your home fills with the amazement and love that follows the miracle of birth and this space remains held and undisturbed. This is what we love about supporting women to birth at home. For more information about how we work please call, email or message us on Facebook.


Shelley Tweedie 022 039 7354 email
Courtney Halligan 021 75 33 99 email

Rata Midwives

Rata Midwives (formerly Midwives on Barrington) is a long-established practice that is committed to providing Christchurch women with an up-to-date, evidence-based midwifery service in an accessible and friendly way.

We offer full clinical assessments, plenty of time for information sharing and emotional support during pregnancy, labour and birth and up to six weeks postpartum. With our focus on nurturing pregnant women, their babies and whānau, we aim to ensure the process of pregnancy, birthing and parenting are as full, engaging and empowering as possible. We are located at 275 Fifield Terrace, Opawa (within Helios Integrative Medical Centre).


Claire MacDonald
Kelly Dorgan
Jo Ryde
Julie Edlin  021 0267 0265
Kate Henderson  021 288 4011
Heidi Goebbels 021 335 750
Sheena Ross 027 383 8006

For more information please go to the Rata Midwives website, or call 332 5702.


Rural Delivery Midwives

We are a couple of very experienced midwives (over 60 years between us!) offering homebirth in the Rangiora and wider North Canterbury region, including Waimakariri and Hurunui. We believe birth is a normal physiological process and strive to maximise the potential to birth without interruption or intervention at home with the support of family/whanau. Homebirthing is empowering for women and is an awesome start to motherhood.


Sharon Lindley     021 247 2809

For general enquiries please call 03 313 3102 or email us.


Your Choice Midwives

“We believe strongly in the power of the woman to give birth safely and naturally in the environment of her choice.”

Your Choice Midwives practice provides a complete pregnancy, birth and post-natal care service centred to the woman’s and family’s needs. Each woman is cared for by her Lead Maternity Carer and back-up midwife.

Your Choice Midwives offers quality midwifery care to women in the North Canterbury districts of Kaiapoi, Woodend, Amberley. Mt Grey, Loburn, Rangiora, Cust, Fernside, Sefton, Oxford, Swannanoa, Eyrewell, Ohoka and Clarkville. There also exists the capability to care for women in the north-west of Christchurch.

Your Choice Midwives supports the woman in birth in an environment appropriate to her needs. We look forward to caring for you and your family.


Catherine Rietveld 027 228 6747
Shelley Hodges-Board  027 541 6693
Bex Tidball 021 134 7982

For more information please go to the Your Choice Midwives website.


Another great resource for women to find a midwife is via the Find Your Midwife website.

The “Find your Midwife” website was created by the New Zealand College of Midwives to help women to find and choose a midwife that they can work with best. Go check it out if you are unable to find a midwife from our list below.



Last updated 28 September 2016.

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