Celebrating our Midwives: Violet Clapham


Celebrating Midwife Violet: As told to Home Birth Canterbury by Emma

I had a Caesarean-section with my first baby in 2012. I didn’t want to have another baby in hospital. I wanted a home birth, to feel empowered and supported. I needed a midwife who would respect my wishes for low intervention and my desire for a home birth after c-section. I found Violet Clapham’s practice online, and I knew she was the right midwife for our journey. She has such a friendly face! She not only supported us to have a beautiful home birth, but she also supported me through three miscarriages. She went out of her way to make sure I was ok. I felt she truly cared about my well being. It meant so much to me.

Violet was always glowing, and on every visit she took her time and was happy to chat. The love and passion she has for caring for her clients really shines out of her. I chose her because she made me feel so calm, at ease and confident in my body’s ability to have a natural birth.

She always included our 3 year old Sienna in the checkups, talked to her and really helped her feel at ease with me having another baby. Sienna still asks when we will be seeing Violet! She has all the stickers Violet gave her on a window in the lounge. It is so sweet.

When I was in labour Violet was so quiet I almost forgot she was there. She was watchful, patient and I took great comfort in her being close. She supported me so much and I will never forget the sweet relief of the hot towels from her and my partner. How her hands must burn to provide pain relief just shows how much she cares and how dedicated she is.

When Nyah was born I could see Violet retreat slowly and let us bond as a family. Still there, but as an observer. She was SO intuitive to what I needed.

I learnt so much from having Violet care for me, mostly that home birth is amazing! She is truly incredible. The sacrifices she makes to be a midwife are endless, yet she does it because she loves it. Violet helped me heal from a traumatic c-section birth and led me to knowing that birth can be an empowering, beautiful experience! I will always be grateful for her care.

Midwives are such incredible women, they do such important work and they deserve to be treated as equals to their male counterparts. Midwives empower women and motivate them to birth their babies naturally, surrounded by support and love. It must be truly special to watch a woman transform to being a mother. Assisting in bringing new life into the world is such a sacred event to witness!

Violet Clapham is a midwife with Home Birth Midwives Christchurch


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One thought on “Celebrating our Midwives: Violet Clapham

  1. Janet Allan

    I loved reading about Violet and her generosity of care. I’m grateful that woman are receiving this level of care. Especially that you were supported through your miscarriages. If this was ever woman’s story the world would be a different place.