Celebrating our Midwives: Jodi Borren


Celebrating Midwife Jodi: As told to Home Birth Canterbury by Katy

Choosing a midwife was quite daunting so we found Jodi on the Find Your Midwife website and it was sort of a ‘pick someone and see how we go’ situation.

When we met Jodi we both knew immediately she was who would wanted to join our journey! She was really upfront with her philosophies and what was important to her as a midwife, and they matched up perfectly with ours. My husband and I hadn’t really discussed home birth but both knew the hospital wasn’t for us, and along our pregnancy journey Jodi instilled such confidence in us we knew home was the right place for us to birth.

One of the best things about Jodi’s care was how relaxed she was about everything. Each step she always reminded me this is what my body was designed for, and that my body and baby knew what to do throughout pregnancy and birth. For me her trusting and relaxed approach was perfect because after some losses previously and just my over-thinking, stress-head personality it kept me really calm and empowered for the whole journey (although she still got several ‘freak out’ phone calls from me!)

During labour and birth she was such a calm and nurturing support. I never once doubted a single thing, I didn’t overthink anything. I was able to just ride each stage of labour and Jodi left me to do my thing, just encouraging me often and ensuring everything was ticking along in the background. I don’t recall much about what was happening around me but I do remember her words of support through different points.

Post birth she was my rock! I loved the way she totally adored our wee girl, it was as though Indi was her first baby delivered she had this way of making us feel really special. She worked a lot with us to help establish breastfeeding and support me through that tough first week while I was recovering and becoming a mum! Moving into parenthood our philosophies still aligned and I loved having someone relatable to chat everything through with.

I feel SO lucky to have had such a perfect midwife for our journey. Without Jodi I don’t know that we would’ve had such a relaxed and wonderful pregnancy, and the most perfect labour and birth I could have ever imagined. It was everything I hoped it to be and so much more!

I have such massive respect for Jodi and all midwives, they work so hard 24/7 bringing all these beautifies babies into the world. I can’t even really get into words how much I appreciated Jodi, and how much we miss her now!

Jodi is a midwife with the practice Danu Midwives.

jodi borren