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John’s Birth

John’s Birth

When I went to bed on Saturday night, the 12th of February I had no idea that the next day I would have my baby. No idea. Although I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a few weeks. When I woke up at 6am to sort out 2 year old Jimmy’s bottle and felt a contraction I couldn’t believe I was “on”.

Xavier’s Birth Story

Xavier’s Birth Story

I remained calm and never panicked, I was surfing a wave of adrenalin. Ganka arrived about five minutes after he was born, I couldn’t hear her knock or come through the door, but could hear her once she was inside. I called out to her and said that I had had the baby. She came over to the doorway, and later in her own words described how I was sitting in a pool of blood holding my baby, while eating the green lollipop.

Emily’s Birth Story

I was aware of my external world primarily through sound from this point on. I don’t remember making much eye contact with anything other than what my brow rested on and hoped that my mono syllable sentences were enough for my loved ones to anticipate my needs.

Maia Mary Denham

Suzanne is moving the cold, slippery sensor all around my tummy and turning up the volume, and pausing and listening and moving it some more, and I’m staring at her face. She was just here this morning and all seemed well, but I haven’t felt you move all day. Not when I drank a cold glass of water and lay down on my side, or when I poked and prodded at my tummy to try to wake you up… not a wriggle.

Inky’s birth story

Inky, as it turned out, couldn’t make her mind up about when she wanted to arrive. After several false starts at the end of February, I thought she would be destined to come when Julie was away on the fifth of March.

Jaye’s birth story

I found out I was pregnant with my second child the day before Luke and I got married – a concept that hadn’t occurred to me when I needed my wedding dress altered! The home pregnancy test was oh-so-faintly positive so I woke Monty (just gone one) and dashed to my doctor’s for confirmation…