Home Birth

Miri’s birth

Miri’s birth story starts way before the actual birth.  She was our fourth and last pregnancy (our first ended in an early miscarriage), and her two big brothers had led the way with 2 very different births.  In February 2009…

Sara’s birth

I was due on 13th September (1987), however, I was getting some contractions every night a few days before 9th (the actual birth). Each night my contractions would disappear around midnight. On the 8th I got my usual “false contractions”,…

Alexander’s Birth

My midwife told me third babies are usually unpredictable. Boy was she right! Our wee boy was due in early January but I expected him at Christmas (my second baby having come almost 3 weeks early). Christmas came and went,…

Heidi’s Birth Story

Heidi’s Birth Story

When I thought of giving birth, I imagined being at home. Homebirth. I was healthy and as my pregnancy progressed normally I knew that a homebirth could be a reality for me. But this reality blew out from under me when our neighbour texted me on February 22 last year, “Massive boulders into your house, it’s in a bad way. Don’t come home”. Homebirth meant a home plus birth. We no longer had a home.

Honor’s Birth and Our Story

Honor’s Birth and Our Story

Honor’s perfect birth was followed by three perfectly blissful new born weeks before things took a turn for the worse for both mother and baby.
“I remember making a decision one particular day to get some help. I had called my husband at work to come home, I wasn’t coping with the kids and needed help. As I waited for him to answer I looked at the clock and realised it was only 9 o’clock. He had been gone only an hour. I remember thinking ‘oh god there’s something wrong with me, this isn’t normal, I can’t even look after my kids for an hour!’.”

Maeve’s Birth Story

Not long after midnight on Good Friday I felt the urge to get out of bed. At 41 weeks pregnant, this was nothing new, so I got up and parked myself on the couch with the laptop. I had had lots of Braxton Hicks over the last few weeks, but I soon realised things felt a bit different. I paid a bit more attention to them and realised they were coming regularly, every five minutes.

Jackson’s Home Birth

I have always known I wanted a homebirth. My mum gave birth to my brothers and me at home and I have never felt comfortable in hospitals anyway. So when I got pregnant with Jackson, my husband and I contacted a homebirth midwife straight away.