Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication (EC), also known as infant potty learning/training, is about communication between you and your baby and learning to respond to your baby’s needs. It’s learning the signals your baby uses to tell you that they need to relieve themselves and then assisting them to go in an appropriate place. By keeping your baby as clean and dry as possible, you help strengthen their awareness of their own body. As a result, most babies complete potty learning before the age of two years.

Occupying Our Homes

In the end it was courage I needed. Courage to step out onto a path of raising children that was so well worn by generations of family history and the confidence in our ability to carve out our own haven: one that reflected mine and my partner’s shared values and our own family culture.

Growth Charts Explained and in Perspective

Weight gain in infants is an objective measure which is often heavily relied upon when assessing children’s health. When your child is gaining “good weight” you are assured that you are feeding them well and they are healthy. When your infant is not gaining “good weight” you question your parenting skills and start worrying about whether your child is healthy or not. However, there is more to your infant’s health than weight gain and its significance should be placed into perspective.