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Pregnancy Symptoms

For women who haven’t been pregnant, it can be daunting to read through a list of symptoms they may experience throughout the course of pregnancy. Sure, no one looks forward to feeling badly, but it’s good to remember that it’s so very worth it. What’s encouraging to know is that most symptoms aren’t happening all at once. They come at different stages, last for various lengths of times, and all women experience things differently…

Swiss Ball for Pregnant and Birthing Women

The Swiss Ball or Fit Ball was first used in the 1960’s by physiotherapists in Switzerland as a rehabilitation tool –hence the commonly used name Swiss ball. Since its humble beginnings it has earned its place as a mainstay piece of equipment used in gymnasiums, rehabilitation units and households worldwide. Unlike many fad fitness devices, which end up under the bed gathering dust, the Swiss ball is here to stay. Posing challenges to both the beginner and elite athlete, the Swiss ball is a versatile, value for money exercise tool.